Five Star Business Center in Taoyuan

95 International Business Center(Taoyuan Taiwan)


Located in Taoyuan Arts and Cultural Business District, the 95 International Business Center is the premier five-star business center in Taoyuan. The shared offices, micro offices, and virtual office spaces available here meet all the operation requirements of your business model to achieve growth and expansion.

We integrate more than 30 years of professional experience of architects, accountants, and media business partners and present the themes of “contemporary fashion, low-key luxury, and humanity” to meet the software and hardware requirements of enterprises. The ideals of space sharing, resource exchange, and business integration and even cross-industry cooperation are realized to help you take the lead in the global business arena.

A variety of customized programs available

Special discounts on limited time offer. Special discounts on limited time offer.

Our Business Philosophy

Business operation is not just working like busy buzzy bees. Business partners, guests and visitors will enjoy being invited to a cozy environment with family warmth for discussion over a cup of coffee. This is where opportunities and new ideas emerge.


Five-star Shared Office

Ideal for

Foreign representative offices in Taiwan

Multinational business offices

Local small and medium enterprises

Personal offices


Micro Startups

Technology industry



peer alliance, cross-industry cooperation
Business in the Arts and Cultural Business District operates seven days a week.
Spaces available for rent as venues for meetings, handicraft classes, lectures, party events, etc.


Our Partner

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9F-5, No. 77, Xinpu 6th Street,

Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City


+886 .3 .317.2777

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MON-FRI   09:00 – 18:00