Micro Offices

For office decoration, office equipment, high-speed Internet, telephone secretary, administrative affairs, business address registration…, leave these to us! We know it clearly that time is money.

Enjoy work and enjoy life here. 95 International Business Center is the most comfortable, luxurious and healthy shared-office space. We know that home and office are the places where most people spend most of their time.

The shared public space and rental office are allocated in the most generous and comfortable ratio of 1:1. The elegant atmosphere and exquisite furniture in the public space help you win the trust and confidence of your clients and enhance your position during business negotiations.

Equipped with video conference equipment, off-site office, the best choice!

Business Center Services

Business address registration
Business card address
Telephone secretary
Studio rental
Micro Offices
Shared offices
Conference room rental
Rentals by day, week, or month
Company establishment
Translation & oral interpreting
Business card design
Tax filing service

Value-added services

1. Company establishment registration, company changes, business registration, accounting and tax filing, etc.
2. Website installation, domain application, business card design and production, etc.
3. Telephone secretary, document translation, leaflet design, etc.
4. Ordering snacks and refreshment.
5. Oral interpreting, booking hotels, high-speed rail tickets, catering, etc.
6. Others.
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Comfortable and Stylish Business Center
Your can have your business smoothly operated here, receiving important visitors, holding multi-party voice conferences, and producing all sorts of documents. This helps your commercial price negotiations, and most importantly, helps you win the trust and confidence of the clients.
Image of a Designated Space
There are no company signs displayed in the reception hall. The image is fostered as a designated space exclusively of your company. This is a space the host and the visitors both enjoy.
Micro Office Space
Herman Miller ergonomic chairs used in the office reduces work fatigue. You work better when it feels right.
EasyCard Integrated with the Office Access Control Function
The triple access control ensures the safety of the guests and visitors, and the office access control system makes enter and exit safe and easy.
Conference Room Rental Services:
Devices for printing, photocopying, fiber optical communication, whiteboard markers, laser pointers
Professional Conference Tables
Desktop height adjustable to meet the demand of the meeting
Visitor Reception Area
With sofa imported from the US, the visitor reception area is ideal for you to receive visitors, collaborators, and even to hold simple interviews in a casual and friendly atmosphere.
Multi-functional Business Equipment Area
All the business equipment you may need is ready for you. You can produce high quality business documents and complete various kinds of paperwork here.
Lounge Area
Equipped with Swiss-imported high chairs and a Hitachi six-door refrigerator, this is an area you can have a cup of ground coffee and take a break to refresh yourself for what you need to do next.

Business Center Facilities

Fees and Programs

1. Business registration: NT$2,100 per case (Eligible for space and conference room rental discounts.)
2. 行動辦公座位: 5,700元起。
3. 個人共享辦公室座位6,700元起。
4. Independent office space: from NT$15,700 (The price varies according to the office type)
5. Professional conference room rental
6. Various customized programs
※Tax extra
Three-person workspace
Two-person workspace
Two-person workspace (with scenery)

Customized schemes

Please contact us for cross-industry cooperation!

Enjoy the discount now

A variety of office solutions are available.
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